Mom’preneurs – Your Story

Astha Chaturvedi – Founder Urban Adventure Outfitters

Founder of Urban Adventure Outfitters, Astha Chaturvedi believes that motherhood has changed her perspective towards business and entrepreneurship. Motherhood has taught her a lot of tenacity. She believes that entrepreneurship draws several parallels from motherhood. “It’s like a second baby,” she says.

Astha believes being a mother gives you an inner confidence. It instills a higher sense of purpose and responsibility. She now has more patience, more tenacity, more acceptances of situations and a higher realisation of the value of time.

She believes that because of motherhood she’s  grown up instantly-that a sense of responsibility, which was never there before, has set it. “The joy of having this little being smile at you makes up for all late nights- for all the hard work that goes into being a mother,” says Astha.

One of the biggest challenges of being a mother and an entrepreneur is the constant multitasking it takes. She says that you need to be more nimble, and juggle your day 24/7, 365 days a year.

The winning moment

“For me one occasion that stands out is when Adeesh won the inter-school climbing championship hosted by Urban Climbers. For a 10-year old who thinks UC is home brand-is dining table discussion- he is also a great climber, as he has been climbing since he was three years old.

“I was in a huge dilemma whether he should even compete, he is after all my son, and I do realise, somewhere, it puts him under performance pressure. Will other parents feel he is getting an undue advantage? I have seen him pull out of a competition last minute. 

“I had a very serious discussion with him before the climb, and told him, ‘Adi it will not be possible to cheat; there are great climbers out there. If you compete, we will help you prepare, but you compete on your own merit.’ He was almost nonchalant. And then he pulls the best climb in him that I have ever seen. He was a winner by miles that day – making me proud, happy and reassured all at the same time.”