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Effective Workout

Our experienced trainers have knowledge and understanding of the sport. Ensuring safety, sport and learning is balanced.

Climbing Expertise

We bring an expert body of knowledge and experience in the sport of climbing. Our experienced trainers have knowledge and understanding of the sport. Ensuring safety, sport and learning is balanced.

   Outdoors & Travel

Mentors at the gym hold regular meet-ups giving advice and guidance on this global sport. We also organize bouldering trips around Bengaluru for the pros.

Our Story

The story of this beautiful brand lies in the personal journeys and experiences of each of its core team members. In each of their individual capacities- they discovered the joy of climbing in
the red rock canyons of Utah, USA, monkeyed around in Boulder, Colorado, charted a personal journey of self-discovery and extreme fitness, created a fashion brand, and not to miss one of them achieved the epitome in the space by climbing the mighty Mount Everest.

Thus off passion funneled into focus was born Urban Climber as the first consolidated brand in developing sport climbing in India — A brand that provides climbing infrastructure setup as well as climbing training via a build-and-operate model. We bring to the table an organized and highly structured approach to the sport and work with our clients to bring them up to speed on this global sport and its inherent benefit to the mind and body. Know More



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Customer's Speak

I am really happy that I joined Urban Climbers. I am not a person who likes doing regular gym workouts, I was bored of it and was on a lookout to do something different that would push me and help with with my overall body workout. Urban Climbers is a great indoor gym and I would suggest everyone to try this out at least once

Noel Michael

Software Engineer

My daughter is hyper active and I needed some sort of physical activity for her to engage in. Something that will help her become strong as well as develop her brain aswell. Luckily Urban Climbers came to my rescue. Cheers

Roshmita Shetty


The overall energy of the gym is really good. The trainers are great and very knowledgeable. One can be rest assured that they are in great hands. Three cheers for Urban Climbers

Shradha Singh

HR Consultant

Urban Climbers is like a detox place for me where I go to forget all my worries and problems. The place has great energy. The wall climbing training is good and well thought through.

Faith Michael

Data Analyst

Kids batch is amazing. The trainers are great. My son looks forward to going for his wall climbing session everyday

Sankar Gowda

Business Owner

Meet our Team

The Urban Climbers Team is here to help. Our team collectively has many years of climbing experience and exposure at international climbing gyms. Our goal is to provide a nurturing environment for the indoor bouldering scene to explode. We strive to be a standard for indoor climbing gyms in India, be it our services, facilities, route-setting, or instructions. We’re all keen climbers, all at different stages in our climbing lives. We’ve got boulderers, trad climbers, sport climbers – we understand what it means to be training hard to push your grade and also remember what it feels like to be new to the sport. We hope to grow the climbing community and this will only be possible by providing a super friendly atmosphere. We hope you will join us in this endeavour! Most of all, we’re a friendly bunch and always happy to give tips or answer your questions. Just say hello.

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Astha Chaturvedi

Chief Energy Officer
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Everester and the man you want to climb with and learn from

Prashant Priyadarshi

Story Teller and Marketer

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